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Xiaomi Company Made Our Children Happy By it’s Visit

Yesterday, Sondos foundation for orphans with special needs welcomed the influencer (@ahlamadelsobhy2 – @maryamahmedalii@) (Xiaomi Egypt @) sponsored by We wanted to say thank you for your visit to us & for the time you spent with our children & we tell you the children were very happy with your presence & loved your sense of humor. Thank you because you made them feel that you are there for them & feel the happiness & joy. Thank you very much for your...


President Cici celebrates Eid Al Fitr with children of Sondos

Mr. President (Abdel Fattah Al Cici) shares Sondos’s kids their Eid happiness in a celebration of Eid Al Fitr in Al Manara Center, Mr. President shared the kids their happiness & toys & ate Iftar & sweets with them. Children expressed their happiness & joy & was a special day in our children’s life Child habiba, one of Sondos’s children expressed her happiness & joy after she met Mr. President (Abdel Fattah Al Cici) “I did really felt Eid happiness when I...