Disabilities sorts

There are many doctors, consultants, nursing help, medical centers, general and private hospitals, ray and analyses centers work for Sonds foundation for helping disable orphans of Sonds of the poor families. In addition, aall services and all aiding devices among others are introduced to the disable orphans for free. Furthermore, they are provided with required medicines and operations for qualifying them totally and organizationally. In fact, the officials work for evaluating the linguistic abilities as much as possible. In this respect, children are examined psychologically and medically by brilliant doctors and specialists. expanding on th this slightly, speech obstacles are solved successfully as well. In fact, all oficials work heavily to find out all psychological and physical problems. Developing skills is assiduously found in Sonds foundation. Furthermore, Sonds introduces many prosthetic devices. Additionally, it works for developing behaviors’ skills of disable orphan children with special needs. It puts constantly programs to do these missions successfully. In a short brief, it works heavily to develop the special skills of the disable children themselves. in fact, there are different disabilities such as odio and visual impairments, mental and mortal disabilities, difficulties and slowness of learning, psychological and behaviors’ problems, down Cendrom disability, delayed language growth, loneliness and Oltism, and multiple disabilities among others.