Rehabilitation services

09 Jun

We’re always interested in developing our children’s skills

Developing the skills of our children with special needs is a crucial matter as it helps them to spend their daily life normally. By developing such skills the child will, gradually, be independent and able to do many activities by themselves. Such skills also play a crucial role in increasing their self-confidence and help them lead a happy life. #AL-sondos Foundation for Orphans with Special needs always makes the developing of skills of its children a priority.   ...

20 Mar

Rehabilitation process of our children

Physical therapy sessions help our children to reduce postural sway and develop static and dynamic balance skills. The therapy sessions focus on improving the children’s functional and educational skills. The sessions include working on mobility skills, muscle strengthening exercises, stretching exercises and correcting sitting and standing posture. Al-Sondos Foundation for children with special needs prioritizes conducting continuous physical therapy session for the children by the help of the best specialists in the field. Contact us: 01005090708 Hotline: 19712 ...

17 Jan

Rehabilitation is our responsibility

Physical therapy sessions are an essential factor in the treatment process of our children as it helps in treating motor problems. Consequently, our children will feel more independent, having more control over their life.   We are keen on providing our children with the best physiotherapists to put customized rehabilitation programs for each child, develop their motor problems, help them overcome any difficulties they may face in their life. #Al-Sondos _Foundation _for _orphans _with _special _needs Contact us: 01005090708 Hotline: 19712 ...

09 Oct

AL-Sondos House held celebrations to mark the anniversary of October War victory

Al -Sondos House for orphans with special needs celebrates the 45th anniversary of October war victory by a great ceremony held in 10th district youth center- Nasr City. The children of Al-Sondos House presented a number of sketches and national songs to commemorate their love of their country Egypt.