Al-Sondos in a short brief

Al-Sondos for orphans with special needs, a non- profit Foundation, is committed to ensuring all orphans with special needs, all over Egypt, receive all the services they need. Al-Sondos is a residential facility of 4 branches that are home to approximately 193 orphaned children and young adults with moderate to severe special needs. We provide each child with one-on-one care giver, medical services, and special educational services. We work with the government to improve the life of people with special needs and help disadvantaged families throughout Egypt.
Over the past 16 years, and by the generosity of our donors, we have been able to provide a fully equipped home for our children including the provision of the following services:

  • One –on-one care giver to each of our children, as each child is special in his \ her own way, each one have different needs that is met by his\ her private care giver.
  • Special education through Al-Sondos special school
    Medical care, children with special needs must follow a regular routine of medical care and undergo many medical check- ups and surgeries if necessary.
  • We encourage our children to join various activities. We believe that engaging engage our children in group exercise will cure the problem of social isolation and help a child make new friends outside their traditional circle which is a very important step towards engaging them into the society.
  • Rehabilitation and speech therapy.
  • Food and special trained chefs to be able to provide each child with his nutritional needs.
    Continues maintenance for all the 4 branches of the Foundation.
  • Salaries to facility administrators and staff.
  • Utility expenses.
Head of the Board of Directors

Dr. Amal Abd El-Rahman saleh, the head of the board of trustees, got her PHD in the Educational philosophy and educational psychology. Works at the Arab league and a lecturer at Center of Psychological counseling at Ain Shams University

Our mission

We are blessed with 193 orphans with special needs distributed among the 4 branches of the Foundation. Our mission is to provide our children with high quality medical care, emotional support and design the right program and activities for each one of them to be able to engage in the community have a job, and lead a happy and independent life. Therefore, we work diligently towards equal rights for children with special needs throughout Egypt.

Our Vision

Our end goal is to empower all disabled people all over Egypt and to create the perfect environment for them to be able to fully engage in the society and have an independent life. We also aim to provide a quality life by providing access to all services available such as education, and health care. We work diligently to eradicate hunger, poverty, decrease the spread of diseases, and the phenomenon of street children.