Sondos in a short brief
We care of all orphans with different h disabilities in each part of the country itself since 2003

“Sonds institution for orphans with disabilities”. In this sense, it is highly known b by 5322, dated back to 15/9/2003. Expanding on this slightly, it cares of all found   orphans with disabilities, found in every place in the country itself. It is  the worth mentioning, those orphans are found constantly by finding records, deposited decision, and committees of social affairs. Furthermore, they can be brought to t the institution by reports of police stations, or the health center of child and motherhood care of the ministry of health. Moreover, it introduces all services to disable orphans themselves, including alternative mothers, and qualified supervision, and excellent unequal specialists. On this hypothesis, it provides them also with all different cares, needed by those children who have special needs

The vision and mission of the institution

It works for participating in establishing humanism, and providing multifarious services for human beings in all different spheres of life. In this way, it works for developing all disables in all the spheres of life, including health care, social insurance, and education among others for taking part in the absence of poverty, illnesses, and the phenomena of street children

Exerted aims

Caring orphans and unknown disables who have special needs
Qualifying and training orphans for achieving perfect unforgettable benefits for Homeland.
providing disable orphans with specialist supervisors and excellent trainers.


Chairman of directors board

Dr. Aml  Abdel/Rahma Salah, consulter of rehabilitation preparation and training programs for disables, Her  PHD in the philosophy of education, and the educational psychology. More importantly, she is an expert at the Arab league. She is a lecturer at the counseling center at Ain Shams University.