The workers of special needs field

Al-Sondos Foundation trip to petrosport sporting club

Today, our children went on a trip to petrosport sporting club in Fifth Settlement.  A large number of children from our different branches, Al-Frdos and Al- Sondos the fifth settlement branch, were on this trip. The organizers from the general petroleum company welcomed the children and gave each one of them their breakfast meal. The first section of the ceremony started with singing along to some children’s song and the magician show. Then it was followed by the puppet show. ...

AL-Sondos foundation at the Hikestep sporting centre

  On Friday the 30th of March, twenty children from Al-Sondos foundation went to the Hikestep youth sporting centre. At the centre, the children enjoyed playing in the football field, made run competitions and playing table tennis. At the end of the day, candies have been given to the children.

AL-Sondos Foundation for orphans with special needs children’s trip to Aswan

On Saturday the 10th of March, The trip begun with the arrival of Al-Sondos’ children at the hotel and the process of their accommodation started. Afterwards, the children had their lunch on a floating boat before they went on a Nile River cruise. On the next day, the children visited the High Dam, the friendship Icon and the Nubian Museum.  Subsequently, they had their lunch at the restaurant and then attended a singing show at the Nubian house where they...