Children of Al-Sondos House went on a recreational and cultural trip to Al Azhar Park, where they were welcomed by the trip organizers and took the children on a tour by park’s train. The children also enjoyed the rides inside the park such as Bumper Car, the dolphin- the duck, went on a ride in mbc3, train and the whale. Then they watched a cartoon called” the Legend of Korra” on animals park channel. They also went on a tour inside museum of Egypt throughout the ages, where Mr. Hussein displayed the history of Egypt from the beginning of the pharaonic era and pharaonic wars till weapons development at the end of 30 June revolution. They went to 6th of October Panorama where they watched a documentary about 6th of October war. The children also loved watching a cartoon called” Tangled”. They went on a free tour and captured the happy memories of this trip.