Honoring Dr.Aml Abd ElRahman at the sixth environmental forum at the faculty of Faculty of Home Economics

Dr.Aml Abd ElRahman was honored during the sixth environmental forum at the faculty of Faculty of Home Economics. Additionally, Ali one of the Foundation’s heroes has also been honored for winning three Gold medals at Special Olympics held in Abu Dhabi. Faculty Of Home Economics – Helwan University organized the sixth environmental forum titled “the role of home economics in supporting and empowering people with special needs”. Dr. Khalid El kady the acting Dean and Deputy of the faculty for...

Mother’s day in Al-Sondos Foundation

Al-Sondos foundation celebrated mother’s day with the company of the Head of East Nasr City District, the General Manger of the social solidarity administration-East Nasr City and civil work leaders from the administration, the directorate and the ministry. A large crowed of volunteers as well as the sons of AL-Sondos Foundation for orphans with special needs have also taken part in the celebration.

Institutions’ debates

Sonds institution organized many debates, for caring and instructing parents and workers who are found in the field of special needs. In this respect, there are many people participated in these debates including Egyptian doctors and professors as well of all Egyptian universities. Furthermore, all the people who work in this field. And the different representative ministries participated also in these debates. In fact, media reports were held over there for explaining tall the expected issues, related to the priorities...