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Sondos in a short brief: We care of all orphans with different disabilities in each part of the country itself since 2003:”Sonds institution for orphans with disabilities”. In this sense, it is highly known b by 5322, dated back to 15/9/2003. Expanding on this slightly, it cares of all found   orphans with disabilities …… Read more

The branches of Sonds foundation ....

  1. Al-Sondos’ children Eid celebration 2018
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    Eid is a time to gather, to share joy and spread the love, Al-Sondos house for orphans with special needs celebarated Eid AL Adha by organizing a party for the children, on the fourth day of Eid, at the 5th settlement branch. The party brought happiness to the children, they took part in many fun activities planned by the organizers and had a very special day full of the kind and joyful spirit of Eid. It was that feeling of elation filling the air and making you wish you could relive the day all over again. May all your days be filled with joy.
  2. Fifth settlement branch
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    There is a new congregation, related to Sondos foundation itself in the fifth settlement, in the eighth district. In fact, it is located upon one thousand and nine miles. It consists of three floors. In addition, each floor consists of eighteen rooms. On this hypothesis, it comprises one hundred and fifty orphans apart from the workers over there. It is the most important orphan house of Sondos' houses. It began working in this project starting from the land's choice, passing through putting concrete founds, Until doing the final process of building itself. Expanding on this slightly, it works very well in solving the problems of Street children. More importantly, it works heavily in creating job opportunities for jobless people in a many fields, including teachers, supervisors, alternative mothers, administrative, speech specialists. it is the worth mentioning, the hard work and exerted efforts are still found assiduously for completing the building perfectly as much as possible.
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